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Building on a long-running and ongoing investigation by journalist Lucy Osborne and The Guardian, the powerful testimony and archive documentary series will reveal how the modelling industry has facilitated and validated endemic sexual abuse for decades.

Their new three-part series will shine a spotlight on the life-changing events experienced by models over decades, revealing not only the behaviours of prominent individuals but also how the allure and practices of the industry were able to facilitate abuse that often saw predators operating in plain sight.  The project will interweave powerful personal testimony and archive footage, involving filming in locations in America and Europe.

Poppy Dixon, Director, Documentaries & Factual, Sky says:“This series promises to shine a light on practices which have historically gone unchallenged in the fashion industry.  Sky Documentaries showcases challenging and thought-provoking documentaries, and I’m honoured to partner with Wonderhood and The Guardian for this important series.”

Jacqueline Edenbrow, executive producer, Guardian News & Media says: "Following a committed and long-running special investigation into wrongdoing in the modelling industry we are excited to be working together with Wonderhood Studios to build on Lucy Osborne and the Guardian's reporting to create a powerful documentary series."

Lucy Osborne, producer and investigative journalist says: “I am delighted to be working with such a fantastic team to help tell these women's stories and finally give the fashion industry its MeToo reckoning. We look forward to creating a series that will also sensitively explore the bigger picture - how abuse is facilitated, how victims are silenced and the lasting impact on women."

More details will be announced in due course.


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