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David & Jay's Touring Toolshed | Preview (BBC Two)

Sir David Jason and Jay Blades MBE are hitting the road in their Touring Toolshed to help members of the public, professional makers, and enthusiasts take their crafts to the next level in this new 15x30 series by Hungry Jay Media.

British people have always had an appetite for rolling up their sleeves and making, and this heart-warming new series will reveal a lesser-known side to one of TV’s best-loved faces, as Sir David Jason teams up with Jay Blades MBE to reveal his life-long passion for creating and fixing things.

In the programme, David and Jay park up their toolshed at the UK’s air shows, steam rallies, county fairs and vintage festivals, to meet some of the UK’s most talented crafters, makers and tinkerers – as well as people who could use a little help!

Each episode will see the duo attend a craft, hobby or engineering fair, meet enthusiasts, tinkerers and crafters and call in some talented experts to help fix their problem projects. They’ll also be heading out into the surrounding areas to meet the people whose incredible hobbies have taken over their whole life.

In the first episode, friends and fellow tinkerers Sir David Jason and Jay Blades are at the Midlands Air Festival, where they hope to meet and help passionate tinkerers and crafters.

Amateur automata maker Becky arrives at the Toolshed with dreams of learning how to make her creations move more elaborately. Automata expert Chris Margett works with Becky and teaches her how to motorise her sculptures.

Friends and aviation enthusiasts Darren and Daren have turned their upcycling hobby into their occupation. They reveal some of their creations, which have been made by transforming old plane parts into pieces of art, and teach David and Jay the importance of polishing.

Finally, David and Jay head to the Midlands Air Museum to meet with 94-year-old Gordon, a true tinkerer and a volunteer at the museum who works six days a week restoring and maintaining the aircraft on display.

Sir David Jason comments: “It’s great to be back on the nation’s TV screens doing something totally different. I’ve played a lot of roles in my time but, to be myself, show off my creative passion and help the wonderful people we meet along the way resolve their mechanical masterpiece issues is very rewarding...

"I’ve really enjoyed being on the road with Jay where we have built up a great friendship and had a lot of fun which I hope the viewers will enjoy watching when it airs”

Jay Blades comments: “Working with Sir David Jason, a fellow craft enthusiast is a dream come true. Filming is underway and it has been great to start helping the nations’ makers fix their passion projects. We've met brilliant people and this series is going to be a delight for the BBC Daytime and iPlayer audiences.”

Begins Monday 22nd January on BBC Two.

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