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Robson Green's Weekend Escapes | Preview (BBC Two)

Like many of us, Robson Green feels weekends are more precious than ever! For him those two days are sacred. For Robson, that’s what makes weekends so special: the fact that they are different to work days; bookends to a different sort of life.

Sometimes we forget to stop and take a break because we’ve overscheduled our lives and have become stuck. So, perhaps, one of the best ways to become unstuck is to immerse ourselves in the outdoors and do something that is good for the mind, body and soul.

And there is no better place to reset, relax and recharge than his beloved North East.

Robson takes us on a two-day getaway along the roads less travelled with his friends, family and some very familiar faces.

Along the way, he discovers the hidden gems of the place he is still very proud to call home and the secret spots that he visits to breathe in nature. Meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help us get that overwhelming sense of wellbeing.

Taking time out in the beauty of our landscapes is really important to restore a sense of wellbeing. Robson is joined by former Newcastle United striker and footballing legend, Les Ferdinand as they take the roads less travelled to a location that holds precious childhood memories for Robson…The Northumbrian Coastline.

It isn’t far from where Les lived when he was playing for Newcastle but it is a place he didn’t have time to appreciate during his time in the North East when he played for ‘That Team!”

But before the two embark on their Coastline adventure, and with so many breathtaking miles of coastline to discover, Robson has time to travel from his beloved Bamburgh to Seahouses in Style: on an E Bike. It’s a great way to exercise and it’s good for the environment along with being the perfect mode of transport to take in the stunning views that join Robson on his journey.

After an energetic journey, Robson heads to his accommodation for the night ‘Bamburgh Under Canvas’ which mixes the Great Outdoors with more than a touch of luxury.

The next morning, after a sleep under canvas, Robson heads for a morning walk on Bamburgh beach to watch the sunrise and shares memories of the times he spent with his late father along this extraordinary part of the world.

Set against a stunning backdrop, Robson understands how his Dad had it right all those years ago dealing with his own mental health. Robson senior spent so much time underground as a miner that coming to a location like this and swimming in the cold North Sea was his escape.

Robson then travels back to Seahouses and joins one of his all-time footballing heroes, Les Ferdinand. We learn that Les missed out on a lot of what surrounded him while playing for Newcastle United so Robson takes him on a tour and taste of this beautiful hidden gem, opening his eyes to what was on the doorstep. Even though Les is still very active within the footballing world he gives us an insight as to how he deals with the everyday pressures of life and how blending into the outdoors allows him to switch off.

Together they end their journey at Beadnell Bay taking part in the very popular and growing sport of paddleboarding. Les is a very good swimmer but has never immersed himself in the North Sea! It’s a test of stamina, strength and stability…..three things, it turns out, Robson is sadly lacking in.

However the components of the activity prove to be a great way to relax and eventually switch off and the e mail inbox is the last thing on Sir Les Ferdinand’s mind. Reflecting on their escape together Robson and Les remind each other of the importance of taking time out to appreciate what is on our doorstep.

Begins Monday 23rd January at 6:30pm on BBC Two.


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