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PREVIEW: The Great House Giveaway (S2), Channel 4

Don't have cash for a deposit to buy your own home? Spending all your money on rent? Look no further.

With the help of Simon O'Brien and Tayo Oguntonade, two strangers are bought a house at auction and given a renovation budget with just months to flip it. They must work hard together to turn the property around. If the house makes a profit, they get to keep it.

The aim - to help them take that all-important first step onto the property ladder. In Crosby, Liverpool, accounts manager Courtney and kitchen and bedroom fitter Scott are teamed up to transform a crumbling house bought at auction into a dream home.

Armed with a budget, a six-month schedule and advice from Simon O'Brien, they seem the perfect team. But can the honeymoon period last long enough to deliver a profit on the house?

The Great House Giveaway returns Monday 6th September on Channel 4.

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