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Come Dine With Me | Series 19 Preview (Channel 4)

Would you love to host and constantly be invited to dinner parties but are too lazy to bother and don't have any friends? Fear not. Channel 4's award-winning Come Dine with Me, is here to help.

Every week five strangers, who love to entertain, take it in turns to throw a dinner party in their own personal style. But this is no ordinary supper - after each dinner, the guests secretly score the host a mark out of ten.

The food and the atmosphere are taken into account when scoring and at the end of the week the top-scoring host wins £1,000. Hosts from all walks of life take the Come Dine With Me challenge - providing astonishing and hilarious insights.

In the first week of the new series, Come Dine With Me is in Chelmsford with hosts Russell, Fran, Sam, Elliott and Mia.

Come Dine With Me returns Monday 21st August at 5:30pm on Channel 4.


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