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The latest +7 day consolidated ratings for programmes shown or released have been released by BARB. The top-50 breakdown can be found on BARB's website here.

Topping the week was Britain's Got Talent with 6,622,000. Also in entertainment was The 1% Club with 4,790,000, Gogglebox with 3,459,000, Race Across The World with 5,644,000 and Interior Design Masters with 3,028,000.

The standout rating of the week was the return of Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video. The first episode has consolidated to 5,196,800 within its first seven days. The first half continued with 4,668,400, 4,289,500 and 3,859,800 for episodes 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

In drama, Red Eye continued with 6,337,000, Blue Lights with 4,479,000, The Responder returned with 3,149,000, Professor T continued with 3,000,000 and Granite Harbour returned with 2,307,000 on BBC One.

In soaps, Coronation Street topped the week with 4,356,000 on Wednesday night. Emmerdale hit a high on Tuesday night with 3,855,000 and EastEnders' must watched episode was Monday night with 4,102,000.

All programmes mentioned above are available to stream on their respective broadcaster's platform.

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