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Steven Moffat has confirmed the longstanding rumour that he is the writer of this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, which will air on Christmas Day on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide.

The special, reportedly titled Joy To The World, will star Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan alongside Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor. It's understood Millie Gibson will not feature in the special as Ruby Sunday, but will return for Season 2 alongside new companion Varada Sethu.

Galway born actress, Couglan, has made a huge impact in film and television having starred in standout roles such as the hilarious Clare Devlin in award-winning drama comedy series Derry Girls, Penelope Featherington in the regency-era international sensation Bridgerton, and not to forget one of the Barbies in mega-blockbuster Barbie, alongside the Fifteenth Doctor Ncuti Gatwa.

Nicola is now set to make a big impact when she takes a trip though time and space this Christmas as she takes on the role of 'Joy'.

On joining Doctor Who, Nicola Coughlan says: “I’m excited to join the Whoniverse under the leadership of the inimitable Russell T Davies. I’ve been a fan of Ncuti Gatwa for some time and getting to share the screen with him as the Doctor has been an absolute joy”.

Showrunner, Russell T Davies says: “This has been the most brilliant shoot, with Nicola lighting up the set and bringing joy. From Derry, via Bridgerton, to the TARDIS, it’s the trip of a lifetime.”

Moffat, who will write the upcoming Christmas special, returns to the show this weekend with his first episode for the show since departing as showrunner in 2017.

Doctor Who continues Saturdays at 6:50pm on BBC One and Disney+ worldwide.


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