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ITV have reportedly commissioned a second series of Red Eye, the hit series produced by Bad Wolf, before the second series has concluded on ITV.

The first series is the story of a collision of three worlds as DC Hana Li, journalist Jess Li, and MI5’s Madeline Delaney are thrown into the same life-threatening conspiracy involving a British doctor’s arrest.

A source told The Sun: "“Having a follow-up series is a no-brainer for ITV, though it is somewhat unusual to be asking for a sequel before the debut series has finished airing...

"But bosses can already get a sense of how well it has been received by the viewing figures on their streaming service, ITVX. It’s been quite a coup for them getting Richard in a big drama too, because normally he’d be fronting one of multiple thrillers for streaming rival Netflix."

Jing Lusi, Jemma Moore, Lesley Sharp and Richard Armitage star in this drama about Dr Matthew Nolan, who arrives home and is immediately arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport after attending a medical conference in Beijing.

Dr Matthew Nolan comes frighteningly close to dying in a car crash - a dead woman was discovered in his crashed car, and despite his protests that he was driving alone, Nolan must return to China to face charges.

DC Hana Li is the no-nonsense London officer charged with accompanying Nolan back to Beijing - born in Hong Kong and with a traumatic past, she does not want to go. Once ordered, her resentment for this assignment and of Nolan himself is intense - however, when a first death occurs onboard, Hana begins to suspect foul play and commences an investigation.

Red Eye is available on ITVX.


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