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Can I Tell You A Secret? | Preview (Netflix)

Louis Theroux's Mindhouse Productions, in association with the Guardian, has announced its first Netflix commission, a two-part documentary titled Can I Tell You A Secret?.

The series, which lands this February on the streaming platform, tells the real life story of some of the women targeted by one of the most prolific serial cyberstalkers in the UK, Matthew Hardy, and the terrifying online harassment they endured.

In early 2022, Hardy received the longest custodial sentence in British history for online stalking.

Told through the testimony of the women directly impacted, the series explores how Hardy’s stalking tore apart many lives, the subsequent police investigation and how Hardy was ultimately brought to justice by not just the police, but the women themselves.

Nancy Strang, Executive Producer, said: "Hardy’s long campaign of harassment has had a lasting and profound impact on the women he targeted.  I hope their testimonies will shed light on the reality of online stalking and change the conversation about what constitutes harm in a digital age...

"Big thanks to Netflix for trusting us with this as our first commission. It’s been a pleasure working with them to help bring this remarkable story to a global audience."

Can I Tell You A Secret? is produced by Mindhouse Productions in association with the Guardian for Netflix.


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