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PREVIEW: Long Lost Family - What Happened Next?, ITV

In this episode, the team catch up with people, whose lives have been changed forever, to find out ‘What Happened Next?’

Anne Clegg and her mother Janet were first reunited nearly a decade ago. Anne had been adopted as a baby, but ‘never felt completely and utterly loved’ because her birth mother had given her away. When we found Janet, we discovered that she had never forgotten her first born and had always longed to reconnect with Anne.

In ‘What Happened Next’ Anne reveals the impact their successful mother-daughter relationship has had on her life; ‘It’s completely changed me’. Everything from Anne’s confidence to her love life has improved. But tragically, two years ago, Janet suffered a massive stroke and now it is Anne’s turn to offer emotional support.

In the second story, we catch up with grandmother, Alice Jones, who originally came to us looking for her little brother Sam. Alice’s birth parents were Windrush migrants from Jamaica, who had an affair before their spouses arrived in the UK.

In the third story, we catch up with Sharon Harte and her sisters Carole, Terri and Sandra. Sharon came to us looking for her birth mother, and though we discovered that she had passed away, we were able to introduce Sharon to her half-sisters. It’s now been nearly three years since they first met, and their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Long Lost Family - What Happened Next airs Thursday on ITV.


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