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Channel 5 announced today that leading broadcaster Dan Walker will begin presenting Channel 5’s flagship news programme, 5 News, weekdays from Monday 6th June at 5pm. Dan will be joining Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije who co-presents 5 News which is produced by ITN.

Dan made the announcement today on the Jeremy Vine Show, the Channel’s flagship daily magazine programme.

His arrival on the channel follows the recent announcement that he would be leaving BBC Breakfast. As well as 5 News anchor, Dan’s role will include fronting a range of brand-new non-news programming for Channel 5.

The arrival of Dan Walker on the channel continues the evolution of the news on Channel 5. With up to 5.2 million viewers tuning in every week, 5 News plays an important part in the UK's media landscape. 5 News provides a unique perspective on the day's stories, delivering a greater depth of analysis to a teatime audience from around the UK.

5 News re-launched in November and has been welcomed by viewers for its original journalism with a strong regional focus that puts the audience at the heart of the story. Since switching to hour long broadcasts 5 News at 5 has increased its daily reach by 47% to an average of 624k individuals per day.

Dan Walker will replace Dr Sian Williams as lead anchor from 2016. Sian has presented 5 News since 2016 and announced in March that she would be stepping down from daily news presenting to take up more wide-ranging opportunities while continuing to host her regular strand Mind Matters with Dr Sian for 5 News as well as special projects and documentaries for the channel and ITN.

5 News is produced by ITN led by Cait FitzSimons as Editor and is commissioned by Daniel Pearl Commissioning Editor, Factual, Channel 5 & P+ and airs weekdays from 5pm- 6pm on Channel 5


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