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Channel 5 have commissioned BritSpark East to produce new 5x60' series Kent: Garden Of England (w/t).

The new five-part series, narrated by Bill Nighy, will capture the characters, the stories and the landmarks of one of the nation’s oldest counties.

Journeying deep into the green lands of Kent, home to more castles and historic houses than any in Britain as well as 350 miles of beaches, coastal towns and chalky cliffs, and mainland UK’s closest point to Europe.

Kate Ansell, Channel 5 and Paramount+ Commissioning Editor, said: "We take a scenic journey through the garden of England, Kent. It’s a visual feel-good treat for viewers, exploring the places and people that form the nation’s oldest counties, celebrating the rich tapestry of life that make this county unique."

BriteSpark Creative Director Tom Porter said: "This entertaining and enjoyable series goes deep into the nation’s oldest county to discover the diversity of characters, crafts and culture, all set against the natural beauty of wild coastlines, chalky cliffs and rolling green countryside...

"Following the success of Norfolk and Suffolk, we are delighted to take viewers to the Garden of England for this visually stunning new series."

Kent: Garden Of England (w/t) will air on Channel 5.

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