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Now in its 15th series, the multi award-winning talent extravaganza is bigger than ever before, with even more awe-inspiring and show-stopping performers all vying to impress the judges and secure their place in the live-semi-finals.

IMD Region - dance crew perform high energy routine. Ages 11-35, based in East London.

Louise & Jasper - sings opera accompanied by her dog, Jasper. Aged 29 from Cardiff..

Matt Roberts - Chartered accountant performs well known songs on a children's musical Octopus. Aged 44 from Lincolnshire.

Rockstar Weekend - Five-piece band perform medley of upbeat songs. Ages 40-46 from London.

Tom Ball - Secondary school teacher sings Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith. Aged 23 from West Sussex.

Axel Blake - performs stand-up comedy routine. Age 33 from West London.

The Brit Kidz - Dance group perform routine inspired by BGT judges and previous auditions. Ages 8 to 17.

Dante Marvin - performs comedy song about his brittle bone disease. Aged 13 from Liverpool.

Aneeshwar Kunchala - Schoolboy recites poetry about wildlife conversation and saving the planet. Aged 7 from Warrington.

Amber & Nymeria - perform agile routine of tricks. Aged 25 from The Netherlands.

Joy Weir - performs high-energy dance routine. Aged 77 from West Lothian.

Britain's Got Talent continues Sunday at 7:35pm on ITV. The continues every Saturday on ITV.


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