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With Charles now on the throne, he can finally be the sort of hands-on King he always dreamt of being.

It starts with him extending the half hour Audience with the PM to an all-afternoon brainstorming session, and quickly escalates to him demanding a place in the cabinet. But is a resurgent monarchy exactly what a politically divided nation wants? Or will he end up going the same way as Charles I?

Meanwhile Wills’ investiture as Prince of Wales is thrown off course when he has a bromance with an ardent Welsh nationalist. Meghan and Harry save the day when New Zealand threaten to pull out of the Commonwealth.

And Beatrice and Eugenie travel back in time and by mistake change the order of succession. Before that, the series returns for a one-off Coronation special.

Charles' (Harry Enfield) whole life has building up to this moment, and he's desperate for the UK's first coronation in 70 years to be a spectacular affair with all the pomp and circumstance he thinks he deserves. As does Queen Consort Camilla (Haydn Gwynne), who can't wait to drape herself in diamonds and fur.

The Windsors is available on Channel 4.


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