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The series will follow Brits who have all fallen madly in love online as they each make the potentially life changing decision to cross international waters to meet their long-distance lovers for the very first time.

The show will not only capture the very first time the couples set eyes on each other but also follow them as they get to know each other and find out if they have been honest with each other about who they are and their intentions.

The couples will spend quality time on each other’s home turf, moving into wherever their other half calls home. They will bed into their partner’s real life, meeting friends and family, discovering all about their lover and their lifestyle, and deal with the realities of their day to day life.



Age: 25

Job Title: Charity Founder

Location: London


Age: 27

Job Title: Broker for luxury car rentals

Location: Dubai

Dumebi first saw Mazi in 2019 in a video on Instagram. She first noticed his nice smile and his fashion sense and thought he came across as a confident guy, she messaged him first and didn’t receive a response for over a month.


When Mazi finally saw Dumebi’s message and looked at her page, he thought she was beautiful, cool and seemed like his type. Mazi tried calling Dumebi but his ego took a hit when she said she was too busy to chat to him - really she was just embarrassed that it had taken a month for him to respond.


Age: 38

Job Title: Team Leader at Food Packaging Factory 

Location: Warrington


Age: 28

Location: Negros Occidental, Philippines

Matt and Maria met in 2019 on a dating app called ‘Twoo’ which he says was full of scammers, so he only went on it a few times. Maria only went on the app once. Matt is still a virgin and Maria is his first girlfriend. Before he met Maria, he was hugely introverted and very rarely left the house. You could count on one hand how many times he’s left Warrington in his whole life.


Age: 24

Job Title: Social Media Manager

Location: Glasgow


Age: 48

Job Title: Project Manager

Location: Fargo

Leah and Chad met on popular dating site Seeking, known for its elite and high wealth clientele. Through the popular dating app which connects older men and younger women. Leah made the first move and after a few messages were exchanged, they began video calling.


Age: 38

Job Title: Catering Assistant

Location: Bracknell, Berkshire


Age: 27

Job Title: Digital Tasker

Location: Cagayan de Oro

Sarah and Jgoy met on Instagram* in 2020. When Sarah came across Jgoy’s profile she thought he looked adorable and liked a few of his photos. Jgoy was surprised to receive so many likes from a stranger and messaged her straight away.


Age: 17

Job Title: Politics & Law Student

Location: Bridgewater


Age: 26

Job Title: Senior Content Manager/Entrepreneur

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Jay and Veena met in December 2020 on the online group chatting platform ‘Discord’. They found each other on a Game of Thrones fantasy role play group. When they first started talking, they didn’t have access to any personal information and couldn’t see a profile or photograph of each other.


They were playing as their characters and the only communication was through the chat page. Their characters even got married in the fantasy chat they were writing in as part of the group.

The Nevermets begins Friday 24th May on Channel 4.


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