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Eight celebrities are stepping into the unknown for a brand-new reality competition where their senses are taken on the ultimate journey by entering a completely pitch-black reality space for eight days.

Hosted by Danny Dyer, Scared of The Dark follows the celebs who are living in The Bunker, a purpose-built living space designed to block out any light and rigged with 50 infrared cameras.

Over five successive nights the show will follow the celebrities as they get to grips with living in the dark. To leave The Bunker the celebrities must simply shout “I’m Scared of The Dark” and they are escorted into the light.

To prove their mettle, each of the celebrities will take on a series of challenges designed to test either their primal fear of total darkness or their ability to function in the pitch black. Those that fail at their challenges will have to take on herculean tasks to save their place on the show.

Each celebrity will be motivated to conquer their fears because at the end only one will step out into the light as series winner.

The celebrities entering into the dark are: Retired pro-boxer Nicola Adams, reality star Chloe Burrows, Professional Boxer Chris Eubank, Former Professional Footballer Paul Gascoigne, singer Max George, Comedian Chris McCausland, TV personality Scarlett Moffatt and actress Donna Preston

But will being in in the dark form trust amongst the group, or will the overwhelming fear of being in the darkness cause them to crumble leaving them begging for the lights to be turned on?

On hosting, Danny Dyer said: “This is possibly one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done in my career, and I have done a lot of mad things. Throw in a bunch of celebs and make them do things with the lights off – it’s proper good telly. You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna laugh some more and I promise you’re gonna love it”

Watching over the celebs every move is clinical psychiatrist Dr. Tharaka Gunarathne who says “one the hardest challenges the celebrities face is dealing with the unknown; their psychological sense of uncertainty is at an all-time high. When you can’t see, your brain fills in the blanks and often imagines the worse. When you switch off the lights your ability to stay safe is suddenly threatened and that is what makes this particularly frightening”

Scared of the Dark is produced by ITV Studios label, MultiStory Media, from an original idea by Possessed, and was commissioned for Channel 4 by Tom Beck, Head of Live Events with Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events.


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