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PREVIEW: Gino's Win Your Wishlist (Series 3), Channel 5

Gino D'Acampo returns with the game show in which teams of five contestants choose their dream prizes, then in pairs answer questions to try to bank the items on their wish list.

Episode 1 - Andrew, Siobhan, Paul, Jamie and Samantha from Glasgow take part, with a garden makeover with decking and a spa, a Fender Telecaster, and a trip to the Pyrenees among their targets.

Episode 2 - Nicky, Sarah, Jo, Nicole and Julie from Coventry take part, with a garden makeover, a riding break in Pembrokeshire, and a fitness holiday among their targets.

Episode 3 - Family from South Shields take part.

Episode 4 - Sarah and Alison, Sarah's daughter Laura, her partner Aaron, and Alison's husband Seamus take part.

Episode 5 - The team are all teachers, with Kieran married to Nicola and Neil married to Elaine. Jane's partner, Steve, is watching on from the audience. During the show, Gino gets a yoga lesson from Elaine, who tries to get him up into a headstand.

Gino's Win Your Wishlist begins Monday 14th June at 4pm on Channel 5.


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