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PREVIEW: Five Guys A Week

Hit dating show Five Guys a Week returns for a new series.

Fast-tracking the dating process, in each episode one woman who's looking for a boyfriend invites five single guys of her choice to spend a week living with her in her own home - all at the same time.

Each day, she must ask one of them to leave, whittling them down to the last man standing. Will he be her perfect match? A photographer, a haulage guy, a shopping centre boss, an analytics manager and an oven cleaning technician move in with Tara, a 32-year-old business consultant from Halifax in Yorkshire, and compete to win her affections. Nearly all of Tara's friends are married, whereas just about the most serious relationship she's ever had is with Kaiser - her German shepherd. Top of her list of requirements is a guy who makes her laugh. She's hoping that Peter Kay lookalike Lou will fit the bill.

Arriving with a massive suitcase, packed by his mum, and a pillow with his face printed on it as a gift, he makes a good first impression. Essex-based photographer Chris, who loves a northern accent, has travelled up the motorway with a home-made chocolate tart in the boot, hoping his culinary skills will see off the competition. Tara has also selected good-looking northerner Kris and muscly oven cleaner Michael.

But it's only when shopping centre boss Adam reveals how cerebral palsy has affected his confidence and dating career that she starts to open up to the guys about her own insecurities. At the final romantic dinner - for three! - she must eliminate the runner-up and select her new partner. It all comes down to an agonising choice between her head and her heart. When five guys become one, will Tara make the right choice?


All episodes of this series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 from 18 September following the transmission of episode 1.


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