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Where There’s a Will, There’s a War | Preview (Channel 5)

The death of a parent is a time of grief. But for many, the worst is yet to come. A will can provide for your family financially...

But fighting over money can tear it apart. In this gripping and shocking series we reveal heart breaking true stories of families who have been dragged through the courts by grief and greed. We capture every twist and turn of their rollercoaster legal battles hearing from those at the heart of each story.

We also reveal tales of the rich and famous who died leaving wills that caused absolute havoc among those they left behind. Featuring candid interviews, stylish reconstruction and spine-tingling tales of families at war, this series will have you gripped from start to finish.

In the first the episode, the first inheritance battle ever to hit the High Courts featured blood brothers John and Terry.

Their parents had adopted a son into their home and hearts and left everything to him - and not a penny to their own flesh and blood. What ensued was a court battle that caused untold misery and changed inheritance law forever.

Plus, we reveal how the famous turkey magnate millionaire Bernard Matthews’s will caused mayhem. His empire was worth a fortune but after his death his children were left picking over the bones.

Begins w/c 16th September on Channel 5.


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