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Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club | Preview (ITV1)

In this brand new series, Alan Titchmarsh and a diverse team of experts shine a light on the latest horticultural trends and innovative gardens across the UK, providing a wealth of practical gardening tips for both aspiring and experienced gardeners.

Alongside Alan, the expert team includes David Domoney, horticulturist Camilla Bassett-Smith, community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith, eco-friendly gardener Anna Greenland and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones.

This week, David Domoney reveals how to attract more birds into your outdoor space, Camilla Bassett-Smith discovers grow-your-own tips at an innovative Somerset haven, Tayshan Hayden-Smith delves into an inner-city community garden project, and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones unveils secrets to crafting an indoor oasis.

Begins Monday 4th March at 2pm on ITV1.


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