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Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out | Preview (Channel 5)

Susan Calman is back for more Grand Days Out, firing up her vintage campervan- named in honour of Helen Mirren - and hitting the road for another fun-filled journey. She’s out to discover as much joy and beauty as she can cram in, as she takes in the wonderful sights around Britain.

In the first edition, Susan heads to the northeast corner of England, taking in the stunning Pennines and Northumberland coast. Susan travels through an expanse of gorgeousness, enjoying an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a stretch of Heritage Coast and the rolling countryside of the North Pennines.

Susan ventures out on a very British safari through the breath-taking Northumberland National Park. The scenery is wonderful and the local animals are very friendly- and rather hungry.

Then, behind the wheel of Helen, she takes characteristic care in reading her tide tables as she crosses a tidal causeway to the beautiful island of Lindisfarne, where she hears tales of Viking raids and learns the secrets of a dream job as a landscape photographer.

She takes in the best views of the Northumberland Coast from a boat heading to the striking seabird colonies of the Farne Islands- and finds that it’s a spot made famous by one of the Victorian era’s most celebrated female heroines who saved the lives of shipwrecked passengers at Longstone Lighthouse.

In the stunning North Pennines, she comes across a flock of rescue sheep, one of whom takes a particular shine to her. Sadly, Barbara can’t come home with her- but that’s not the end of their story. It turns out the shepherdess transforms their fleeces into very handsome hats- and Barbara seems to fit her very well.

Swapping her hat for a helmet, Susan then buckles in as she masters the art of driving an obstacle course in a power-turn buggy. It’s a great way to see the wonderful scenery- but, as Susan discovers, the lovely views might just distract you from getting round the obstacles.

Susan Calman's Grand Day Out returns Friday 6th October on Channel 5.


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