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Secrets Of Supermarket Own Brands | Preview (Channel 4)

Produced by Firecrest Films, Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands follows Denise Van Outen as she dives deep into the world of own-brand products to reveal the truth behind the purse friendly goods.

She will uncover the details of who makes some of the supermarket own-label products including which brands make own brands.

With the sales of in-house brands at their highest ever in British supermarkets, this timely new series explores if these cheaper alternatives are better value and if customers can buy them without compromising on quality. Could they be a secret weapon of a savvy shopper?

Denise will investigate differences between the cheaper own brand alternatives and the pricier brands. Through insider interviews with supermarket workers and manufacturers, Denise comes across unexpected brand secrets.

Aside from big reveals, the series includes tips, tricks and product reviews from members of the public, helpful in making cost-effective shopping decisions. The secrets on the supermarket own-brands will be revealed over two parts, Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands and Secrets of Supermarket Own Brands at Christmas.

Denise Van Outen said, “Everyone wants to know the difference between brands and own label and I’m on a mission to reveal the secrets that could save you a small fortune.”

Secrets Of The Supermarket Own Brands will air on Channel 4.


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