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Secrets and Spies: The Nuclear Game | Preview (BBC Two)

It’s Summer 1982 and KGB spy Oleg Gordievsky travels from Moscow to take up a post at the Soviet Embassy in London.

East and West have a deep mistrust and misunderstanding of each other. As a result, the Cold War, which has been rumbling on for almost 40 years, is heating up.

The spying game and paranoia magnify the suspicion between superpowers. As Oleg Gordievsky turns double-agent and starts working for the British, an arms race brings the world to the brink of nuclear war.

This first episode includes rarely heard archive interviews with Oleg Gordievsky and the unpublished letters of Michael Bettaney, as well as interviews with former aides to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and interviews with former KGB, MI5 and MI6 officers - some of whom have never spoken publicly before.

Secrets and Spies: The Nuclear Game begins Tuesday 7th May on BBC Two.


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