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PREVIEW: Our Lives (Series 5), BBC One

The story of Cath Pendleton from Merthyr in south Wales. At the age of 47, she has decided to attempt to swim a mile in the icy waters of Antarctica.

A health worker with no real money or support team behind her, her training regime involves sitting in a chest freezer in the garden shed. Will her determination be enough to achieve her dream?

Chris Bullzini is Britain’s top high wire walker. One slip could mean death. After running away and joining the circus as a teenager, Chris turned a love of street performance into a career. From international big tops to crossing towns and cities high above the streets, he has done it all. But excelling at an unusual art form comes at a cost. Time, money, relationships… and then there is the constant risk of falling to his death.

We go up on the wire with Chris as he stages his most daring walk yet, an uphill climb 220m long across Norwich city centre. This is a risky business and things don’t always go to plan, but Chris knows he must keep pushing his limits. If he stops performing, he will lose his unique skill.

How then will he cope when the only life he knows is threatened by the greatest challenge he’s ever faced?

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