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PREVIEW: My Mother's Murder, Channel 4

Rachel Nickell's murder on Wimbledon Common in 1992 was a frenzied attack on a young mother carried out in broad daylight with only one witness - her two-year-old son Alex.

The tragedy gripped the nation and placed Rachel's family at the centre of a tabloid hurricane. In the months that followed, as police became more desperate to find the killer, press intrusion and public speculation about Alex built until his father Andre Hanscombe decided to flee the country with his son.

Nearly 30 years later, Alex and Andre return to the UK to revisit the high-profile murder. For the first time on TV, Alex Hanscombe explores his mother's murder and the events that followed. Visiting the scene of the crime and the places that meant the most to this young family, Alex also meets professionals involved in the case and hears about the impact it had on them, as well as the expectations they formed of the little boy they met.

Alex meets crime scene investigator Ron Turnbull, who examined him in the hours after the attack; Detective Chief Inspector Mick Wickerson; chief crime reporter from the Mirror, Jeff Edwards; and child and adolescent psychiatrist Jean Harris-Hendricks, who was tasked by police with gleaning further details from the toddler.

Through every step back into the past, Alex's father Andre is by his side and offers moving insight into the impossible dilemma he was faced with as a father trying to protect his son after his mother's murder.

This documentary airs Tuesday 7th September at 10pm on Channel 4.

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