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Matt Willis: Addiction And Me | Preview (BBC One)

Musician, singer, songwriter, actor and dad of three, Matt Willis may be part of a hugely successful pop band - but behind the success there is one thing that often dominates his thoughts: his addictions.

In this raw and honest documentary, Matt opens up about his past and takes an extensive look into his battle with drugs and alcohol, how it has pushed him to the edge, and his daily struggle to keep himself clean.

The film will look back at some of Matt's darkest days as he begins to explore what could be behind his addiction. Through meeting and talking with others including families, leading experts, counsellors and support groups, Matt tries to understand why some become dependent on drugs and alcohol, what help is available and the latest developments in treatmen

The film also captures the unwavering support Matt has from his friends, family and his wife Emma.

Matt Willis says: “Whilst I live an amazing life and I am hugely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, when it comes to my mental health I still find myself battling with the ripple effects of my old addictions. I know I’m not alone and I’m determined to discover how others, like myself, can learn to live with this."

Max Gogarty, BBC Commissioning Editor, says: “We are so grateful to Matt for his bravery in opening up about an issue that impacts so many in this country. We have no doubt this film will not only help many struggling with addiction, but also those close to them, as Matt explores the ripple effects of addiction on loved ones as well as the individual.”

Grace Reynolds, Executive Producer at Twofour, says: “We are extremely proud to be making this documentary with Matt Willis about the important subject of addiction. Matt is so compelling on the subject, it is sure to be a powerful film...

"We’re incredibly grateful to Matt for opening up about his experiences, and we hope, together with Matt and the BBC, the film helps others who might be going through something similar."

Matt Willis: Addiction And Me airs this May on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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