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Late Night At The Euros With Compston & Smart | Preview (BBC)

Actor Martin Compston and broadcaster Gordon Smart are bringing the party atmosphere to BBC Scotland with a run of shows before a live audience in Germany during the Euros.

Late Night at The Euros with Compston & Smart is a series of entertainment-packed half-hours hosted by the two celebrity pals which will feature fans, football and famous faces.

Filmed before a live audience of fans in Munich the series will be a rollercoaster ride through the heart of Scotland’s summer footballing adventure.

As well as the studio-based entertainment, the BBC Scotland series will feature films of the hosts exploring some of Germany’s more distinctive tourist attractions and getting into the match day mood with locals and Scotland supporters.

During each show Gordon will also check in with their roving reporter, Susie McCabe, award-winning comedian, as she travels around the fanzones in Germany, lapping up the latest banter and news from the fans.

Nine episodes covering the group stages of the tournament will broadcast on the BBC Scotland channel at 10.30pm from 13 June including weekends. The programme will not broadcast on the days Scotland are playing (14th, 19th and 23rd June).

Gordon Smart says: “Being at the Euros with one of my best pals, going to the curtain raiser in Munich, and sharing the carry-on with everyone at home is a dream come true. We have waited 25 years for this chance. It also just so happens to be Martin’s 40th birthday as well, so we might have to celebrate that with the Tartan Army, too.”

Martin Compston adds: “The last time Scotland qualified for a Euros in one country I was 12. Having just turned 40 I’ve been dreaming of this trip my entire adult life and the fact I get to do it with one of my best mates and bring the Tartan Army along for the ride is gonna’ make it two of the best weeks of my puff. Possibly longer….”

Susie McCabe adds: "Absolutely delighted to be involved in following The Scotland National Team and the Tartan Army around Germany as we try and bring the Euros home."

David Harron, BBC Scotland Executive Producer, said the series will be the perfect way to capture the zeitgeist of Scotland’s Euros 2024 adventure. He said: ‘With excitement across Scotland for the tournament likely to be at fever pitch, Late Night At The Euros will bring a mix of laughs, guests and football chat which we hope the audience back home will enjoy.’

Jordan Laird, co-founder of Studio Something says: ‘We have spent the last few years making TV that captures what it is like to be a football fan and to get the call up to go do that at a major tournament is the call you dream about. We can’t wait to bring audiences this feast of football and fun with Martin and Gordon, and to do that in the year that Scotland are heading to Germany to win the Euros is even better.”

Late Night at The Euros with Compston & Smart is being produced for BBC Scotland by Studio Something, makers of award-winning A View from the Terrace which airs regularly during the football season on the BBC Scotland channel.


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