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Jerk | Series 3 Preview (BBC Three)

Tim lands himself a role in a period biopic about a famous disabled musician. The studio is trying to fill diversity quotas due to some bad PR and have an open casting call for disabled extras.

Initially Tim’s cast as an extra, but when a few campaigners kick up a fuss about the brilliant star lead - James Norton - NOT being disabled, Tim is recast as the lead in a knee jerk reaction to avoid media backlash.

The studio execs are so concerned with optics surrounding disability, they completely disregard the authenticity of the film. Tim doesn’t even have the right disability anyway and aside from that, he can’t act to save his life – chaos ensues as he brings the production to its knees.

Idris meets the girl of his dreams and the feeling seems to be mutual, that is until he the reason she’s been so nice to him is revealed.

Jerk returns Tuesday 14th March at 10pm on BBC Three.


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