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The Great Auction Showdown | Preview (Channel 5)

This week, Paul Martin is in the West Midlands, where he takes on local auctioneering expert Rachel Holland. Rachel is a specialist of Asian art and has extensive knowledge of her home patch, the former heart of British manufacturing.

In their first challenge, locals from all over the West Midlands bring their antiques and collectibles to an open valuation day, but only the best items will be put under the hammer.

Will either auctioneer be tempted by the retro style of a 1980s omnichord player or will they go for classic collectibles such as an impressive stamp collection?

As they head into the second round, they find themselves against the clock, as they race around Halfpenny Antique & Vintage Centre in search of hidden treasures that could make them a profit in the saleroom.

The third challenge gives both rivals the chance to bag a big money star lot that could transform their fortunes. Who will have the closest answer to the question in the golden envelope and have the chance to pick first? It’s all to play for as the final auction takes place, but who will take the crown as the day’s winner?

The Great Auction Showdown will air weekdays on Channel 5 from 30th January.


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