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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing | Series 6 Preview (BBC Two)

In the first episode of this brand new series, Paul and Bob travel with their trusty terrier Ted to Wales to fish the Rivers Irfon and Wye in search of chub. The Wye is one of our angling pair’s favourite rivers, but they have yet to visit its lesser-known neighbour, the Irfon.

The countryside which surrounds them is largely unspoilt, with the source of the Irfon found in a region often called the ‘Desert of Wales’ due to the lack of roads and towns surrounding it. This is ideal Gone Fishing territory, so Paul and Bob excitedly set off to find a large chub

To reach the Irfon, they pass St David’s church which dates back to the Middle Ages and was where Prince Llywelyn, the last native-born Princes of Wales, took refuge the night before he was killed in battle against the English in 1282.

This is Paul and Bob’s first trip to the Upper Wye - they have fished the middle and the lower Wye before and it’s always proved fruitful. This stretch is famed for its fast waters and plentiful fish, so expectations are high. Steve McQueen used to fish here at the height of his fame, knowing he could fish incognito for as long as he liked. The boys settle in to hide away from the world and peacefully fish.

After a lengthy drive through the beautiful countryside, they stay at the Red Kite Barn which is set within 80 acres of a wild and remote Welsh valley. Wild ponies roam in the woods while buzzards and red kites circle above them. It’s an ‘upside down’ property with the bedrooms downstairs and the living quarters upstairs, making the most of the incredible views which surround them.

It is also Ted’s birthday, and he decides to throw a little party in the accommodation, but Paul and Bob are reluctant to join him, knowing how Ted’s parties have had quite the reputation in the past. Ted puts on his best birthday hat and waits for his guests to arrive.

On the Upper Wye, Paul and Bob meet with David Lyons, the founder of charity Tackling Minds. David started the project in 2020 to help people with depression and anxiety or who are recovering from addiction to get out on to rivers and lakes to fish.

As a result of his efforts, fishing has now been added as an official option for health care professionals to give to those who might otherwise be prescribed anti-depressants.

The episode finishes with a spectacular catch from Paul, which he achieves against all the odds, leaving both him and Bob grinning from ear to ear.

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns Sunday 3rd September at 9pm on BBC Two.

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