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Ghosts | Series 4 Episode 5 Preview (BBC One)

Alison and Mike discover their neighbour, Barclay, has been scheming behind their backs, and his outlandish tactics threaten the success of their guesthouse business.

For Alison, this warrants all out war, and she sets about playing Barclay at his own game. If she is going to stoop to such trickery, however, she’ll need the help of one of the ghosts.

Mike attempts to mix things up for future guests at the gatehouse by secretly investing in some not-so-cheap entertainment that Alison will definitely not approve of.

The Captain makes a discovery, leading the other ghosts to make a new friend nearby. Things soon become competitive, however, as they force their new acquaintance to choose a favourite.

Ghosts continues Fridays at 8:30pm on BBC One, or is available on iPlayer now.


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