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GamesMaster | Preview (E4)

GamesMaster is back, as the cult video gaming show gets a reboot.

Under the watchful eye of the new GamesMaster, Sir Trevor McDonald, competitors take on fiendishly difficult video game challenges in the hope of walking away with the famous Golden Joystick.

BAFTA-nominated comedian Robert Florence, e-sports star Frankie Ward and social media sensation Ty Logan host, as a Call of Duty pro faces off against an army of the game's toughest bots, and two Mortal Kombat experts battle it out in an extraordinary display of video game fighting.

Celebrity guest Snoochie Shy takes on the show's resident gaming legend at Splatoon 2. And gaming record-holder Sam Tuff attempts to achieve a new record that's so challenging, even he'll be gobsmacked if he manages it!

GamesMaster begins Wednesday 24th November on E4.


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