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Fresh Cops | Preview (BBC Three)

Nearly 10,000 new recruits joined the police in the last year - now this 4 x 30’ documentary series from Full Fat TV follows some of the youngest as they begin their cop careers.

With police recruitment actively targeting people under 25, this series unpacks the challenges young officers face and sheds a light on what it takes to be a success in the police force.

With exclusive access to Leicestershire police, the series will ride shotgun with some of the force’s youngest officers as they learn the ropes on the frontline of crime. The series is filmed from their perspective, takes viewers into the heart of the action and will reveal the young people behind the uniforms.

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three, says: “Regional representation that reflects the reality of young lives across the UK is a key priority for BBC Three and these titles fully deliver on that...

"This scheme was initially for two single documentaries but the quality of ideas was so high we decided to commission three titles and made one a series.”

In the first episode, three young officers from Leicestershire Police welcome us to their beats. As they go about their daily working lives, never knowing what’s coming next, they share the unique highs and lows of doing the job at their age as well as their hopes, fears and the camaraderie that gets them through their toughest shifts.

A sudden death, a stop and search for drugs, an attempted suicide and a kissing couple are all in a day’s work for Leicestershire’s youngest cops.

Fresh Cops begins Sunday 25th September on BBC Three.


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