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EastEnders | Festive Preview (BBC One)

Rocky is in a sticky situation as his Christmas plans clash. Janine pulls out all the stops to get what she wants. Kat reaches breaking point and unleashes her anger on Phil and Sharon.

Rocky desperately tries to keep his secret hidden. Whitney is determined to get to the truth, and Phil gets in the Christmas spirit with a kind gesture to Sharon.

Wedding bells are ringing as Denise and Chelsea prepare for their special days. Janine goes to extreme lengths to ensure this Christmas is not one Scarlett will ever forget, and an unexpected guest at Christmas lunch panics Rocky.

There's chaos at The Vic as everyone learns what happened on Christmas Day. Janine meddles with another relationship for her own gain. Sonia appeals to Stuart to tell Rainie the truth.

Nancy is furious with Janine for putting ideas into Zack's head. When her attempts to get through to Stuart don't work, Rainie heads out and is given a tempting offer. Bobby and Dana plan something special for the family.

EastEnders airs on BBC One.


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