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Digging For Britain | Series 10 Preview (BBC Two)

Digging For Britain with Professor Alice Roberts is set to return in early 2023 to BBC Two and iPlayer.

Now in its 10th series, Alice is joined by a team of experts who will help to dig deeper in a bid to reveal the story behind the finds. The most exciting finds are brought into Alice’s new Digging Tent for further investigation and analysis to give insight into discoveries that span over 10,000 years of British history.

Every year, hundreds of archaeological digs from across the British Isles find clues that add to the great historical jigsaw of Britain’s story and our ancestors’ lives.

In episode one, digs in southern England reveal a previously unknown Roman town, a Tudor ship buried beneath a quarry and evidence of Henry VIII’s financial

forgery under the Tower of London.

Professor, Alice Roberts says: "What I love about Digging for Britain is that, when we set out to film the series, we have no idea what discoveries might come to light. This year, the revelations have been nothing short of spectacular, and each find brings us closer to understanding the lives of people who once lived in Britain. Archaeology brings you into intimate contact with the physical reality of the past."

Digging For Britain returns New Year's Day at 8pm on BBC Two.


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