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Challenge Anneka | Preview (Channel 5)

The iconic show is back! Anneka’s Challenge this week comes from two extraordinary women: Lisa and Denise. For 60 years, Foal Farm in Kent has rescued and rehomed thousands of abandoned dogs.

The Farm has reached overflowing capacity and they now have to face the heartache of turning homeless dogs away. Anneka’s Challenge is to build a brand new mega-block of kennels, a grooming parlour and a doggie play area all in time for Foal Farm’s 60th Anniversary.

And, there will also be a giant dog show as part of the celebrations. All in just three days. Expect carnage. Anneka soon learns about the power of Foal Farm when she meets Pippa the Shih Tzu who came into the centre because her owner could no longer afford the veterinary bills.

She has an idea to update their website to help Foal Farm with their adoption process, and puts the wheels in motion for a chaotic dog-driven photo shoot. Meanwhile, to get the dog show started, Anneka hijacks a local radio station to appeal to anyone who has adopted a dog from Foal Farm in the past to get in touch and attend the big event.

Back at the farm the huge cast of builders, tradespeople and helpers are facing an uphill struggle to keep the build on track. With pooches everywhere, returning from their pampering sessions and running riot, Anneka finds out a dog photo shoot is no easy task.

But with treats and chew toys on hand, the team captures the dogs in all their glory ready for an anniversary celebration for the Foal Farm website. Anneka meets some Foal Farm success stories where the team have helped mistreated dogs with physio, and this inspires the Challenge team to find and blag a big game changing gift for the newly made-over location - a brand new full size hydrotherapy pool which can be used to rehabilitate injured dogs in the future.

Unfortunately hiding a surprise as big as this proves a challenge in itself! With the Farm due to throw open the gates to hundreds of dogs and their owners it’s touch and go whether the Challenge team will make it. Will a massive late night push be enough to complete this big, emotional and entertaining Challenge without the fur flying?

Challenge Anneka returns Saturday 18th March on Channel 5.


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