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The Christmas tree is up, the tea lights are sparkling, wood burns in the fire pit... From gloriously pink cocktails to doughnuts the festive season is upon us and Nigella brings joy, warmth and a little kitchen table tourism with food to brighten up even the darkest days.

Outside in her garden Nigella enjoys the first of many treats, her delicious Linzer cookies and then she is off for a wintery walk through the woods where she divulges her plans and menus for a festive feast.

Back at home, work begins on the meal to be shared with a few select friends. There is a Nordic theme running through the recipes - pickled red cabbage and cucumber salad, no knead black bread to accompany smoked salmon, the perfect partner to cocktails of pomegranate fizz. Norwegian pork ribs follow, cooked so that the skin becomes deliciously light and crispy and the meat just melts in the mouth.

Nigella signs off from the festive season by taking inspiration from a Dutch New Year’s eve tradition of Oliebollen and Appelflappen - doughnuts lightly dusted in icing sugar to be enjoyed by the fire pit.


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