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BBC Two and BBC Scotland have commissioned a third series of Murder Trial, The Killing Of Dr. Brenda Page, from Firecrest Films.

The series, which follows on from The Disappearance of Renee and Andrew MacRae and The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming, has secured access to the High Court of Aberdeen during the trial for the murder of Dr. Brenda Page, one of Scotland’s longest running murder cases.

In July 1978, Dr. Brenda Page, a 32-year-old leading scientist at Aberdeen University, was brutally murdered in her flat. Over four decades later, her 80-year-old ex-husband Christopher ‘Kit’ Harrisson finally stands trial, accused of her killing.

Filmed over several years with access to the prosecution and defence teams, the police investigation and the victim’s family, Murder Trial: The Killing of Brenda Page sees witnesses paint a troubling portrayal of an abusive relationship preceding Dr Page’s death.

It delves into how attitudes about domestic violence have changed and how this affects the conclusion to the trial. The series reveals the reality of justice in action and places the viewer alongside the jury at the heart of the justice system.

Vari Innes, Executive Producer for Firecrest Films, said: "It’s a privilege to have been granted access to film in the Aberdeen High Court for this high-profile trial. A huge thanks to Brenda’s family and the legal teams for sharing their time around this challenging case, allowing us to highlight the importance of justice and conversations around domestic abuse."

David Harron, Commissioner at BBC Scotland, said: "We are absolutely delighted to be bringing viewers another two episodes of Murder Trial.  The access granted to the team at Firecrest is genuinely exceptional and as well as being a compelling watch the series also provides a valuable insight into the working of the judicial system in Scotland."

Emma Loach, Commissioning Editor at the BBC, said: "The last two series of Murder Trial have been utterly gripping and I’m delighted it is back with another case. This time the team at Firecrest are bringing us remarkable access to a challenging and high profile trial that takes us right to the heart of justice in action as well as raising important issues around abusive relationships."

Murder Trial is available on BBC iPlayer. More details will be announced in due course.


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