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PREVIEW: Moving On (Series 12), BBC One

Jimmy McGovern's series returns for a twelfth run on BBC One daytime.

Episode One - On Ben Keane's wedding day, Ben and his family are stunned when Ben's father, who they thought was dead, turns up at the church.

Episode Two - A woman struggles to come to terms with her father’s sudden death and the heartbreaking discovery that he had a secret second family.

Episode Three - A retiree finds a new lease of life when his daughter gifts him a course of fitness sessions for his 65th birthday.

Episode Four - A gifted but neglected teenager’s education is jeopardised when she is made homeless.

Episode Five - When hearing-impaired Rosie is told her deafness is getting worse, she is desperate to learn sign language, but faces opposition from husband Nathan.

Jimmy McGovern's Moving On returns Monday 8th March at 1:45pm on BBC One.


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