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Midsomer Murders: The Scarecrow Murders | Preview (ITV)

The annual Midsomer Scarecrow Festival takes a grisly turn as bodies begin appearing on poles displayed alongside their straw creations. The investigation reveals rivalries that run deep and shows people will do just about anything to win.

Little Upton is a picturesque village known for hosting the annual Midsomer Scarecrow Festival, a key event in the social calendar, each year residents compete to build the best scarecrow and display their designs around the village.

The cherished pastime brings tourists to the area and this year sees more entrants than ever before, after the three-day event the favourite contender is announced. From the policemen to the fishmongers, the GP surgery to the cricket team, everyone is getting involved to help raise money for the church restoration fund.

However, this fun and eccentric celebration of daftness hides a grumbling antagonism. Something of a local celebrity, Reverend Oscar is facing a challenge to his position within the community.

The Lotto Vicar won £15 million several years ago on the first and only ticket he ever bought and now resides in a not-so-humble vicarage - the Lord really does move in mysterious ways. Despite this win, Reverend Oscar continues to fund raise for the church and faces criticism of hypocrisy from the disgraced vicar in a neighbouring parish, Fergus.

The Scarecrow Festival is a competition which can both unite and divide, for the locals the stakes could not be higher, rivalries are established and underneath the surface there is tension brewing with many desperate to reign supreme. Could the desire to retain their title lead someone to employ the dirtiest tactics of all?

Midsomer Murders returns Sunday 29th May at 8pm on ITV.


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