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This heart-breaking documentary examines the human cost of the current British law on assisted dying, featuring the stories of people seeking the right to die whilst also looking at why there is so much opposition to any change.

Made by Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA-winning director Jon Blair and BAFTA-winning producer Rachel Cumella, Just Let Me Die delves deep into assisted dying and aims to shed fresh light on a highly controversial issue.

With access to Dignitas in Switzerland, the programme follows the personal stories of individuals and their families in the UK as they prepare to end their lives. Some feel they have no option but to consider taking the risk of travelling abroad to end their suffering whatever the consequences for their loved ones, while others want to take matters into their own hands at home.

Professionals from each side of the debate express their views - a palliative care specialist explains why she and many of her peers are totally against a change in the law, while others speak of their fears for disabled people, the disadvantaged or minorities who they say will be most at risk if the law is changed.

This programme asks if there is any answer that could satisfy both sides where life and death are quite literally at stake - or whether the delicate issue of assisted dying will remain unresolved in the UK.

Transmission details will be announced in due course.


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