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The cult drama, which follows the organised crime clans in the ever-shifting underworld of the poverty-stricken Naples, Italy, coming to Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW later this year.

Filmed in Naples and Riga, the ten-episode series directed by Marco D’Amore (episodes 1-5) and Claudio Cupellini (episodes 6-10), sees the iconic protagonists return, including Salvatore Esposito, playing Genny Savastano who was forced into hiding in a bunker at the end of the fourth season; Arturo Muselli as Enzo Sangue Blu and Ivana Lotito as Azzurra Avitabile, Genny’s wife. Marco D'Amore once again stars as Ciro Di Marzio.

Based on an idea by Roberto Saviano, Gomorrah is written by head writers Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli, who worked on the series bible alongside Roberto Saviano, with Gianluca Leoncini and Valerio Cilio rounding out the writing team.

Produced by Cattleya (part of ITV Studios) in collaboration with Beta Film, the series opens with police on the hunt for Genny, Ciro alive and well in Latvia, as well as new mysterious characters preparing for what appears to be an imminent clan war, setting he stage for the grand finale of one of the most famous and popular Italian television series in the world.

This series fans of Gomorrah can expect to see how the clash between the Levantes and Patrizia left Naples in a pile of bricks forcing Genny to give up his dream of normality and to return to action. But with the police hot on Genny’s heels, he was forced into a bunker, alone without Azzurra and little Pietro. Now his only ally is 'O Maestrale, the mysterious crime boss of Ponticelli, an eastern district of Naples. War is imminent, and his enemies are fierce. But Genny is about to make a sensational discovery: Ciro Di Marzio is alive, in Latvia. And for Genny nothing will ever be the same again.

The final and fifth series of Gomorrah coming to Sky Atlantic and NOW later this year.

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