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More singletons flock to the new First Dates restaurant in Manchester.

First to stride through the door is 21-year-old microbiology student Thomas, who enjoys nothing more than chewing the fat over his passion for all things molecular. Fellow student Imogen just wants someone to have 'ridiculous' conversations with.

Financial investigator Sylthea is no stranger to getting to the bottom of things and the 42-year-old is determined to put her date under the spotlight as she bids to find 'the one'. Self-made man Dave has an answer for everything but will the 49-year-old come out smelling of roses after a grilling from Sylthea?

Next in is 19-year-old beauty pageant queen, and bricklayer, Chloe, who's hoping to find a girl to build more than a home with. Bar manager Ellie loves a glam girl that doesn't mind getting dirty too, but will the 25-year-old share the same grand designs for a future as Chloe?

After having her heart broken, events manager India is desperate for a tall, dark, handsome guy with a love for his family to come into her world. Feeling the pressure to land a future wife is 27-year-old Jacob. But a job that takes him all around the world isn't helping. Could India be the one to ground him, or will she make him take off again?

First Dates continues Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.

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