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The Ninth Doctor goes up against the Vashta Nerada in a brand-new box set of frightful Doctor Who full-cast audio adventures, released today by Big Finish Productions.

Starring Christopher Eccleston, Shades of Fear is the final box set of The Ninth Doctor Adventures series two and features the ravenous hunters, the Vashta Nerada (as first featured in the unforgettable 2008 TV episode, Silence in the Library).

Two other spine-chilling tales find possessive plants attacking 1920s aristocrats and a powerful source, known as the Virmeen, manipulating the colour red to cause havoc...

The legendary comedian and actor Frank Skinner guest stars (as Pete) alongside Susan Penhaligon (as Mrs Bevell), Harki Bhambra (as Doyle), Laura Rollins (as Cath), Adam Martyn (as Callen Lennox) and founding member the Olivier Award-winning Mischief Theatre, Dave Hearn (as Toby Entwistle),

Alien threats come in many forms - and many different hues. A charity shop where customers vanish, a 1920s gentleman's club besieged by giant plants, and a distant colony planet where death hides in darkness - wherever they manifest, the Doctor is on hand to fight every shade of fear...

Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Shades of Fear is now available to own for just £24.99 (collector’s edition CD box set + download) or £19.99 (download only), exclusively from

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