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Derren Brown, the multi award-winning master of mind control and psychological illusion, is returning to Channel 4 for the first time in three years. The broadcaster is to show his new production Showman this April.

Derran Brown said: "It’s had the best response of any show I’ve done. It’s lovely to know, and I’ve been very touched to read and hear people’s responses to it so far – it’s a very personal project and it’ll be wonderful to have it air on Channel 4, which has been my home for over two decades...

"Channel 4 have consistently allowed me the creative freedom to push boundaries and innovate as far as possible, so it’s a real joy to bring what I feel is my best show to date to Channel 4 audiences.”

Derren Brown: Showman will air on Channel 4 and All4 towards the end of April. The story was originally reported by Variety.


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