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PREVIEW: Escape To The Chateau - Make Do And Mend, Channel 4

Dick and Angel Strawbridge return, as they help more families across the UK solve their design and DIY dilemmas.

From crafty conundrums and entire room renovations to garden makeovers, this series is packed with how-to advice and imaginative tips and tricks, as Dick and Angel tackle viewers' projects and, along with children Arthur and Dorothy, their own dream chateau projects too.

In this episode, Dick and Angel help Kate and Erik restore their 150-year-old sash window and turn their small landing into a beautiful space for all the family that looks amazing, brings the past back to life, and also saves thousands of pounds.

Angel reveals the art of creating repeat patterns on fabric as a unique solution to Jo and her family's desire to display their precious vintage family photos in something other than a frame. Dick solves Suzanna and Luke's conundrum of how to turn a treasured wardrobe into a showcase for shoes, by designing ingenious shelving inspired by a visit to the kitchen!

Once Dick and Angel have agreed on the pond's shape, Arthur and Dorothy can't resist helping out too and it's not long before laughter is ringing out across the chateau. Exec Prod: Lizi Wootton; Prod Co: Two Rivers Media and Chateau Television

The next episode of this series will be available to watch or download for free on All 4 on 24 June, following the transmission of this episode.


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