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This January, brand new BBC Daytime series Big Little Crimes will give viewers a sneak-peek into the operations of police forces across the country.

The show examines the incredible stories of ordinary beat officers who happen to stumble upon a major criminal because of minor misdemeanours, and subsequently see them brought to justice.

Big Little Crimes uses first-hand accounts from the officers present at the scene, reconstructions of events, police dash cam footage and CCTV to detail, over ten exciting episodes, the shocking moments when big criminals were caught as a result of a ‘little’ crime.

The series includes a major drug dealer picked up due to a broken brake light, a glamorous casino patron who lets police crack an international money laundering scheme, and how a simple stop and search leads to the arrest of a serial killer.

Narrated by actor Ramon Tikaram (EastEnders, This Life), the programme also takes a look back through retired officer case files to uncover some serious busts for small misdeeds throughout the years, including the chilling story of how what appeared to be a fatal case of gastroenteritis led police to the trail of a deliberate arsenic poisoning which meant, thanks to some super sleuthing, the perpetrator did not get away with murder.

BBC Daytime Commissioner Helen Munson, says: "I’m thrilled Big Little Crimes is hitting our screens. Our Daytime viewers will appreciate the dynamic pace and incredible stories as it shines a light on the valuable work of UK police forces. The BBC is committed to reflecting the lives of people across the UK and Big Little Crimes does exactly that by sharing – in their own words – how tireless police workers are in their pursuit of taking criminals off our streets."

Executive Producer Rob Kelly, says: "I’m really proud to bring this exciting new show to BBC One viewers, every single episode is a compelling watch. The series is a testament to the hard work and dedication of investigators and beat coppers that keep us safe. It’s a pleasure to showcase their stories and give them the platform they deserve on BBC One Daytime."

Big Little Crimes will air on BBC One and iPlayer from 2 January 2023 at 10am.


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