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Loved-but-unused treasures are transformed into contemporary and useful items by a team of expert crafters. Sabrina Grant hosts as the owners part with their possessions, returning later to see what they have become.

Jane brings in her late mum’s wedding dress, pink suede jacket and what her mum called her 'smart dress'. She cannot use them, but cannot bear to part with them either. Metalcraft expert Leigh and seamstress extraordinaire Elizabeth go head-to-head to convince Jane to choose their idea to transform the clothes with radical designs.

Graeme arrives with an unused tea trolley that has a squeaky wheel. For Graeme, it is full of precious memories of his grandmother. Not only was it used to serve tea, it was where the family found their presents on Christmas Day. Interior design and furniture specialist Rob has an idea that will keep the memories intact but make it a useful piece of furniture again.

Finally, former Royal Marine Titch gets excited about an old propeller from an outboard motor. For its owner Eric, it brings back fond memories of holidays on Scotland’s coast with his grandfather, but now the propeller just sits on a shelf. Titch is a wizard with anything metal and mechanical, and he comes up with a stunning transformation.

Saved And Remade begins Monday 29th March at 6:30pm on BBC Two, and continues weekdays.


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