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Rules of the Game is a gripping new four-part thriller about sexual politics in the modern workplace starring Maxine Peake as Sam, a hard-headed manager at a family run business in the North West.

When new HR Director Maya begins her job at Fly, she tries to shake up the old fashioned lads culture and begins investigating historic cases of misconduct. But Sam bristles at the suggestion of institutional bias against women - that was all in the past and things are different now that she's in charge.

However, when Sam arrives at work one day to find a dead body in the office reception, she is forced to reckon with not only the murky behaviour in the present, but murderous secrets from the past as well.

Rules of the Game is written by Ruth Fowler with George Faber and Mark Pybus as Executive Producers for The Forge, Lucy Richer and Ayela Butt for the BBC. Jennifer Sheridan will direct all four episodes and the producer is Simon Meyers.

Writer, Ruth Fowler says: “When we conceived this show it was during the Weinstein scandal, and I was concerned it might have dated in the interim. How sadly wrong I was and I’m honoured the BBC and everyone else championing this story did not let it fade away as its relevance has become even more acute. Many women’s experiences (including my own) inspired this fictional show - with the added benefit that in the retelling no women were harmed, maimed or exposed to Harvey. I’m delighted the brave, wonderful and tenacious Maxine Peake is on board to help tell this story.”


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