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PREVIEW: Apocalypse Wow, ITV2

Set in a Torture Dome, an outrageous secret underground club, part-BDSM dungeon, part Fight Club, Apocalypse Wow is hosted by AJ Odudu alongside Donna Preston who takes the role of ‘The Mistress’.

Every episode a Clan of five celebrities enter the dome to take on The Mistress’s terrifying Superhuman ‘Bosses’ such as Master Enormo (one of the world’s strongest men), The Horn Hunter (a back-flipping parkour master), Hot Slippy Jesus (the UK's no.1 gravy wrestler), The Mermaid (a mermaid) and more. The Clan must unite in a bid to defeat these extraordinary opponents taking them on in a series of ludicrous and entertaining physical challenges.

Alone the celebrities would be demolished, but together they stand the chance of overcoming a series of crazed contenders to win the day and take home a load of cash for charity. Each episode the weakest celebrity must be banished in a hilariously unique way and a new famous face will enter the Torture Dome to join the Clan.

Leading her fellow celebrities through the depravity of the Dome, ‘Chief of the Clan’ TV favourite Scarlett Moffatt will be joined by:

  • Drag royalty The Vivienne

  • Love Island’s Chris Hughes

  • Reality TV star Sam Thompson

  • TV presenter Karim Zeroual

  • Comedian Kemah Bob

  • Pussycat Dolls’ Kimberly Wyatt

  • Reality TV star Jessica Wright

  • Ibiza Weekender’s Jordan Davies

  • Comedian Darren Harriott

  • TOWIE favourite Bobby Norris

AJ Odudu said: “I am absolutely buzzing to be hosting ITV2’s new show, ‘Apocalypse Wow’ – it’s bonkers, but brilliant. It’s full of humour, challenges and all our favourite celebrities! It’s going to be a really fun addition to the TV schedule this summer, so come join us – it’s quite a ride!”

Donna Preston said: “I've always wanted to have ownership over these celebrities and have them as my servants and with this role, the Mistress, I can do just that. The role of the Mistress is feisty and fun. This show is an absolute belter, it's bizarre and bonkers, and I love it and hope you do too! So darlings, come on board the love train to... Apocalypse Wow.”

Scarlett Moffatt, said: “It’s hard to put into words how bizarre and crazy Apocalypse Wow is! The pressure was well and truly on for me as I led the celebs into battle. I had the most fun making the series and it's unlike anything I've ever seen on TV before so I’m super excited for everyone to see it. Trust me when I say, you’re not going to want to miss this!”

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, said: “I cannot wait for ITV2 viewers to be captivated by the sheer craziness that is Apocalypse Wow; truly an outrageous and entertaining watch. Our famous faces are in for the wildest of rides but how will they fare as they go up against the most outlandish of opponents to win money for charity?”

Apocalypse Wow will air on ITV2 this summer.


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